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Your Dream Yacht Advanced ASA Instructional Source!

Discover the Coastal Northeast and obtain ASA certifications aboard our advanced, flagship Catamaran.

Experience the chance to acquire ASA certifications as you navigate and pilot our state-of-the-art flagship catamaran. Equipped with a wide range of advanced features including a diverse sail inventory, cutting-edge yacht systems like generators, water desalinators, solar systems, in-motion Starlink for offshore communication, Doppler radar, AIS in/out, and more. This extraordinary opportunity offers the ultimate instructional experience on your dream yacht instruction experience of a lifetime!

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Ipanema 58 Sailing – ASA Courses

Get ASA Certified Aboard Your Dream Yacht!

ASA 105, Coastal Navigation - ASA Certified.

Able to apply the navigational theory and practices for safe navigation of a sailing vessel in coastal and inland waters.

ASA 106, Advanced Coastal Cruising - ASA Certified.

Able to safely act as skipper and crew of a sailing vessel about 30 to 50 feet in length in coastal and inland waters, in any conditions.

ASA 107, Celestial Navigation - ASA Certified.

Able to apply celestial navigation theory and practices for safe navigation of a sailing vessel in offshore waters. On-water celestial navigation skills elements are demonstrated in ASA 108, Offshore Passagemaking.

ASA 108, Offshore Passagemaking - ASA Certified.

Able to skipper a sailing vessel on extended offshore passages requiring celestial navigation. Knowledge of long-term passage planning, offshore vessel selection, sail repair, offshore first aid, watch-keeping, emergency procedures, abandon ship protocols, safety, and seamanship.


ASA 114, Cruising Catamaran, and ASA 104, Bareboat Cruising.

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