Ipanema 58 Advanced, Flagship Catamaran

Explore The Coastal Northeast & Earn Advanced ASA Certifications

Learn advanced navigation and piloting skills while sailing an advanced, flagship catamaran equipped with an extensive sail inventory and advanced yacht systems. This is your dream yacht instructional opportunity of a lifetime!

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Your Dream Yacht Advanced ASA Instructional Source!

Discover the Coastal Northeast and obtain ASA certifications aboard our advanced, flagship Catamaran.

Experience the chance to acquire ASA certifications as you navigate and pilot our state-of-the-art flagship catamaran. Equipped with a wide range of advanced features including a diverse sail inventory, cutting-edge yacht systems like generators, water desalinators, solar systems, in-motion Starlink for offshore communication, Doppler radar, AIS in/out, and more. This extraordinary opportunity offers the ultimate instructional experience on your dream yacht instruction experience of a lifetime!

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Ipanema 58 Sailing offers expert instruction on an advanced flagship Catamaran, and ASA certification training provided by the renowned New England Saling Center in Jamestown RI. The NESC is an accredited American Sailing Association training facility.

Ipanema 58 Helm

Advanced Flagship Catamaran Navigation and Piloting Training

Learn advanced navigation and piloting skills, offshore weather and tides, and gain experience in currents typically around 4 knots. Train on advanced yacht systems such as generators, water makers, solar systems, offshore in motion Starlink, Doppler radar, AIS in/out, offshore communication and more.

Image showing the unique characteristics of the Oxley Self Stabilizing Sail on an Ipanema 58 advanced, flagship catamaran.

Learn Effective Use of an Extensive Sail Inventory

We offer a rare opportunity on a Catamaran of this size for the training of specialty sails with Cathouse’s extensive sail inventory, including the factory main and jib, a stay sail/storm jib, an asymmetric Spinnaker, and an Oxley parasail.

Exquisite Sailing Opportunites

 Prepare for an unforgettable adventure through the stunning destinations of Nantucket, Long Island Sound, Marblehead, Martha’s Vineyard, Salem, and Cape Cod. Our courses offer an immersive experience that combines the thrill of sailing with the rich history and natural wonders found along the Northeastern coast. 

 Ipanema 58 Sailing Options

We offer several options for travel and training.

Marathon, FL to Jamestown, RI

Amazing 6-9 day passage-making instructional voyage available from Marathon FL to Jamestown RI. May 15th, Very limited availability, inquire to book now. (A few spots left, now reduced $1000!)

Northeastern Coast Experience

Six-day cruising with private berth only $4000 per individual, or $5800 for husband/wife team

Ipanema 58 Availability

Available schedule June 1 through September 15. Call the NESC office for availability and details at (888) 221-6623 or click here to submit an inquiry.

Ipanema 58 Sailing – ASA Courses

Get ASA Certified Aboard Your Dream Yacht!

ASA 105, Coastal Navigation - ASA Certified.

Able to apply the navigational theory and practices for safe navigation of a sailing vessel in coastal and inland waters.

ASA 106, Advanced Coastal Cruising - ASA Certified.

Able to safely act as skipper and crew of a sailing vessel about 30 to 50 feet in length in coastal and inland waters, in any conditions.

ASA 107, Celestial Navigation - ASA Certified.

Able to apply celestial navigation theory and practices for safe navigation of a sailing vessel in offshore waters. On-water celestial navigation skills elements are demonstrated in ASA 108, Offshore Passagemaking.

ASA 108, Offshore Passagemaking - ASA Certified.

Able to skipper a sailing vessel on extended offshore passages requiring celestial navigation. Knowledge of long-term passage planning, offshore vessel selection, sail repair, offshore first aid, watch-keeping, emergency procedures, abandon ship protocols, safety, and seamanship.


ASA 114, Cruising Catamaran, and ASA 104, Bareboat Cruising.

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Where is Ipanema 58 Sailing located ?

Where can I find more information on ASA Certifications?

How do I learn more about the New England Sailing Center?

The “CatHouse”, Ipanema 58 flagship catamaran, is located at the NESC in Jamestown, RI June 1st through September 15th. Call the NESC Office for availability and details. Or use our contact form below.

The American Sailing Association can be found at www.asa.com.

The American Sailing Association was founded in 1983 with a simply stated mission: to teach people to sail safely and confidently.

Today, the ASA is an association of sailing schools, charter companies, professional sailing instructors, and sailors, with over 400+ affiliated sailing schools located throughout the U.S., as well as in the Caribbean, Europe, Central America, and Asia. These accredited schools offer ASA certification to individuals who meet the requirements for a given level. To date, ASA schools have certified over half a million sailors!

The New England Sailing Center (NESC) is a recognized ASA training center that provides a range of sailing certification programs for individuals at various skill levels, from beginners to advanced sailors. Their team consists of certified instructors and dedicated members who are committed to assisting you in acquiring sailing expertise, building experience, and boosting your confidence, all while having a pleasant time on the water. They offer both basic courses and fast-paced programs to cater to different learning needs. Whether you prefer group settings or one-on-one instruction, They have options available to suit your personal learning preferences.

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